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When Did You Stop Dreaming?


This word “dream” has been on my heart heavily this past month. It has literally been following me during the day and sitting in my spirit each night.

First, it appeared during a prayer call I was on. A pastor said the word “dream” and the question, “When did you stop dreaming?” came to me. I ignored it. Then, the following week during the same prayer call, the question returned.


Yikes. At this point, the word had my attention and I began to reflect on it and pray about it……. A LOT. Here’s what God revealed me to about it:

While I do believe this message was for me in my own personal situation (to be discussed in a different post), I also believe that it’s a universal message to children of God as well. We all have the capacity to dream— on different levels and in different capacities but we all have it.

Sometimes the dream can be to have something, to create something, to do something, to go somewhere. That’s the beauty of a dream. It has no boundaries. The possibilities are endless.


Now that the world has literally been slowed down during this COVID-19 global pandemic,  I challenge people to take a moment and reflect on what their dreams are or have been.

  • Has it been a long time since you dreamed?
  • Do you still believe in dreams?
  • Did God give you a vision long ago that you have put aside, forgotten about, or rejected as even possible?
  • Why did you stop dreaming? 


Ask yourself these questions before moving forward with anymore decisions in your life. Consult with God about what your dreams are or used to be. Ask Him to talk to you in your sleep and provide you revelation and clarity that you need with dreams.

Even as I type this, today I had the pleasure of watching a “LoveHour Podcast” YouTube video with Vegan Food Influencer Tabitha Brown entitled “Dream Again”.

THERE’S THAT WORD AGAIN……….. “DREAM”. I can’t seem to escape it in this season, ya’ll!

You can watch the video below. In it, Tabitha Brown talks about how she never gave up on her DREAMS, how occurrences God revealed to her and her mom in DREAMS are finally coming to pass— 20+ years later!

May this be a reminder that God’s promises are true, His faithfulness everlasting, and His timing perfect. If God gave you a dream, know that it was for a reason. Dig deep and walk in total obedience—- for dreams can and do come true. 


Until next time, STAY LIFTED, family!

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