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20 Virtual Date Ideas

In last week’s post entitled “A Single’s Guide to Virtual Dating”, I shared 5 helpful tips to a success virtual date experience. Now I’m back with part 2!

So let’s pretend you have a person to go on a date with. Let’s also pretend you have a time/day designated for this date.

Now what? What do you actually do on a virtual date?


If you don’t want to “just talk”, here’s a list of 20 Virtual Date Ideas that can help make the most of dating while social distancing and contribute to an amazing time #togetherathome



1. Virtual Concerts– Several celebrities are hosting free concerts on YouTube and Instagram to promote “sheltering in place” and “flattening the curve”. Enjoy some tunes together!


2. Netflix Watch Party– Netflix has made it easy to watch tv shows and movies with your loved ones virtually. All you need is a Google Chrome web browser or a Chrome book and once you create a “watch party”, you send your date the party link.  Voila!

NOTE: I have done this with my female friends and it so much fun to comment as you’re watching a film together, especially a comedy. 


3. At Home Workouts– There are tons of online workouts now. Find a type that interest you and get to sweating together!


4. Dance Class- Maybe learn a new dance together or reminisce on some old school dances (*insert cabbage patch and Bankhead bounce)


5. Bible Study– All you need is a Bible, pen, and paper


6. Church Date– Many churches are streaming live on Sunday mornings and/or post their Sunday sermons later that day

7. Arts & Crafts DatePinterest has tons of adult arts and craft ideas


8. Wine Tasting- Whew, who doesn’t love a glass of wine? It goes great with cheese and crackers too. Maybe pick 2-3 different ones and discuss which ones are your favorite and why. 


9. Sushi Tasting/Making– Because if you’re anything like me, you spend way too much money on sushi and its time we learned to make our own lol


10. Cooking Date- What’s stopping you from picking up (or ordering) some ingredients and trying a new recipe together? Again, Pinterest can help you in this area. 


11. Game Night– There are tons of classic games that can be modified to play virtually. (ex: Taboo, Pictionary, BINGO, Jeopardy). Don’t be afraid to get creative!


12. Scavenger Hunt/I Spy Game: Beforehand, create a list of 10-15 things to “be on the hunt for”. Go outside for a walk while videoconferencing and compete to see who can find the most listed items the fastest. 


13. Virtual Museum Tour– Get all the details in this article “How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian Museum From Your Living Room”


14. Virtual Zoo Tour– Attractions like San Diego Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo, and Atlanta Zoo are offering live feeds or tours of their animals. Check out their websites or see if your local zoo is doing something similar. 


15. Karaoke– Because why not? lol 


17. Trivia Night– I love a good trivia night even when we aren’t social distancing during a pandemic so bring out those trivia games or look up some fun questions to classic tv shows and films together. 


18. Guided Meditation– I really like the “Calm” app and “Headspace” app but there are tons of free guided meditation sessions on YouTube. Just choose one!


19. Online Classes- There have been plenty of free courses offered during the pandemic (some even from Ivy League schools like Harvard and MIT). Take advantage of these offers and use it as an opportunity to learn something new and fun together.  Also try Coursera and Skillshare. 


20. Dinner- A good ol’ fashioned meal always helps to make the date enjoyable. Decide on a restaurant to order from or do curbside pickup. Or let him or her surprise you with a meal from your favorite restaurant. 


*A bonus idea because its my favorite: Read a book together (w/ a short discussion afterward). Goodreads is an amazing website to find your next favorite book based on interests and prior reads. Check it out!



Ta-Da! 20 Virtual Date Ideas just like that. Who said virtual dating had to be boring? lol


See any ideas you may try on your next virtual date? What are some other ideas I could’ve added to the list? Comment below and let’s chat!


Until next time, STAY LIFTED, ya’ll!

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2 thoughts on “20 Virtual Date Ideas”

  1. Another idea will be watching a sports game together and dress in your teams favorite colors.

    Maybe before hand, you could each share what your favorite dessert is and give the recipe idea to the other person. You could each take turns making the other person favorite dessert and seeing how it comes out.

    Take an online trip to one place that you would like to go. Maybe before hand, come up with a meal that is prepared in that country and enjoy it while on your virtual tour!

    These are wonderful ideas! You are so creative.

    Liked by 1 person

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