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3 Ways Comparison Kills the Christian

Did you know that there is something out here killing Christians? No, not literally killing us--- but attacking us from the inside out. I'm talking about COMPARISON-- something former President Theodore Roosevelt actually called "the thief of joy". To compare, by definition, means to estimate, measure or pinpoint similarities and differences between two or more things.… Continue reading 3 Ways Comparison Kills the Christian

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“My Pleasure”: Pleasing God Over Self

Pleasure= a feeling of enjoyment; having a thing be pleasing to you. There’s this place that I like to frequent. It’s one of the only fast food restaurants I go to now, which is so unfortunate since there is a new location very close to my apartment. The food at this particular fast food restaurant… Continue reading “My Pleasure”: Pleasing God Over Self

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Give To Me Your Leather

One of my favorite songs is a 1980s classic; a love duet entitled “Leather and Lace”. Now, let me just clarify that I wasn’t even born in 1981 when the song came out. However, my mother is a huge fan of music and I was exposed to so many great classic songs throughout my childhood… Continue reading Give To Me Your Leather