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10 Tips for Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hey guys!

This post is a little different but I got so many questions regarding my recent flight experience, I figured I would share info with a blog post.

Check out the list and video below for

10 Tips for Flying During the COVID-19 Pandemic



  1. Be strategic about your flight time— fly at night or mid week
  2. Consider the cities and sizes of airports you go through. Again, be strategic
  3. Try to get a direct and/or non stop flight (decrease or eliminate layovers)
  4. Choose short flight times, when possible
  5. Be strategic with seat selections— talk to representative for most up to date seating info
  6. Choose best airlines. I go into details of the differences I encountered between American Airlines and Southwest in the video below
  7. Wear masks (bring extra in case one breaks or gets dirty or is lost)
  8. Use wipes and hand sanitizer excessively. Actually wash hands with soap and water when you can 
  9. Keep distance (in TSA line, when boarding, when waiting in waiting area, at baggage claim)
  10. Change clothes or take off top layer immediately after leaving airport



There they are! 10 Tips for Flying During COVID-19.

I pray you have safe travels both to and from your destination. STAY LIFTED!


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Photo from 2018 flight to Greece.

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