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A Single’s Guide to Virtual Dating

I get it. Things are different now during this COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t grocery shop the same, celebrate birthdays the same. Heck, we don’t even exercise the same anymore right now.

And we definitely don’t DATE the same.

We’ve found ourselves in a rather peculiar situation and as we navigate this COVID-19 pandemic, we try to hold on to some sense of “normalcy” and pick up where we left off in some areas.

For me and several other people, DATING has become especially challenging during this pandemic. Social distancing has become a thing.  Bye bye to Saturday rooftop brunches. So long to picking me up Fridays at 8pm for a surprise dinner at some nice restaurant. Hello to VIRTUAL DATING. 

A Single’s Guide to Virtual Dating
A Single’s Guide to Virtual Dating: 5 Tips to a Successful Virtual First Date


I know, I know. Even the idea of virtual dating seems odd but I promise you, VIRTUAL DATING can be so fun!


I have been going on VIRTUAL DATES for two weeks now and I have had the most amazing times 🙂


Here are 5 things to remember as you plan for and go on your VIRTUAL DATE:


1. Be intentional. This isn’t just an impromptu zoom call with your granny. Set a day and time that you all will “meet”. Pick the best videoconferencing app for you. I’ve used Facebook video messenger, FaceTime, and Zoom but there are many other video conferencing platforms out there like Google Hangout and Skype.


2. Put in effort to look nice. Your date doesn’t want to see the dingy t-shirt you’ve been wearing for 2 days straight or that you’ve missed washing your face that day. Pick out a nice shirt, brush your hair, put on some Chapstick. Look presentable! This is still a date, people!

I’ve found it refreshing to actually put on earrings and mascara for the first time in weeks. Your date and your mirror will appreciate the effort to looking like your pre-pandemic self.

5 Helpful Tips When Virtually Dating


3. Be creative. You don’t have to just talk during your date. Have some ideas of things you could do on your date. You could try a new recipe together, go to a virtual concert, create a playlist and dance together, play a virtual game like “Taboo” or “BINGO”. Use this as opportunity to see each other’s true personality without the pressure of physicality.


4. Notice the little things….. How your date smiles, how they look at you, how they pronounce certain words, what things they find funny. Maybe they have some cool art or furniture that you’re curious about. With elimination of some of the pressure face to face interactions can bring, use this virtual date as a chance to be more observant of them and their personality.  Really get to know them.


5 HAVE FUN! I cannot stress this enough. The date can be as long or as short, as intimate or as casual, as boring or as fun as you want it to be. You may only date this person one time or choose to have several more with this person (either online or when the world opens back up).

Lighten up and open your mind! Virtual dating is definitely whatever you make it.


So there they are: 5 Helpful Tips for Virtual Dating.

I pray that as a single person you are encouraged during this time. No, God hasn’t forgotten about you and yes DATING during a pandemic is totally do-able. I’m living proof.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” — Lamentations 3:22-23


*Stay tuned for next week’s blog post entitled “20 Creative Virtual Date Ideas” 

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In the meantime, STAY LIFTED, ya’ll!

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