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The Value of the Valley

In the past when I’ve heard the word “valley”, it’s always been something negative attached to it.

Thirst. Hunger. Desperation. Lowness. Isolation. 

But now that I’m maturing, like really maturing in my faith, I’m learning that valley doesn’t have to be all that bad.

Webster defines valley as follows: “a low area of land between hills or mountains”

Now the above definition is a geographical or wordly view of “valleys” but if you’ve been living on this Earth more than 5 minutes, you know that there are spiritual valleys that we can go through as well. Life isn’t always sunshine and roses. Sometimes it gets hard—– REAL HARD. This my friend may be a valley for you— a “lower point”, a place of desperation, thirst, hunger, or desperation.

I want to provide you with a message for when you are in a valley or valley moment or season in your life—- a very clear message—- YOU ARE NOT STUCK and as my mom always reminds me “this too shall pass”.

Well, why must we go through these valleys, these valley moments or seasons? I’m glad you asked. Romans 5: 3-4 reminds us that

“suffering produces perseverance;  perseverance, character; and character, hope. 

See! See that there is a purpose to our pain? See that there is value in the valley. 

Cool photos of one of my best friends, Terralynn at the Canyons



There are three important things to remember about the valleys:

 1. The valley is necessaryJust like the Earth is not one flat smooth surface, our lives can’t be either. There are things that the high points produce and as seen above there are things that the low points produce as well.


2. Valleys are not endless. For there to be a valley, there has to be a high point. The valley doesn’t last forever and forever. It changes. It shifts. You come to the end of it and there you encounter a mountain or a high point. Whew! That right there should make you rejoice if nothing else. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.


3. In the valley, there is protection. There’s a gospel song called “My God is Awesome” (click here for song) and in the lyrics describing how awesome God truly is, it says “my God can move mountains. He can keep in the valley, hide me from the rain”. Why on Earth would someone want to be “kept” in a valley? Because there is protection there. Safety. Covering. Remember that. A valley isn’t always a bad place to be. 

Sometimes what we see as “rejection” is actually God’s protection.

Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,
I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.  — Psalm 23:4

When things get difficult, remember that there is value in the valley AND….. that the Lord is a lily in each valley that you travel through. God is God of the hills and the “valleys”– (the great Tauren Wells)



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