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Leveling Up When God Says So

Hello. I’m a millennial and I like video games……But not those new school video games, more like the video games of my childhood.

  • Wheels falling off and oxen running away while playing Oregon Trail
  • Catching those little rings on Sonic & Hedgehog while playing Sega Genesis
  • Trying to always make it to the NEXT LEVEL of SuperMario on the Nintendo

 (Shout out to all the fellow millennials who understand exactly what video games I am referring to!)

Games like the ones mentioned above were fun and competitive. You could spend hours on top of hours playing them trying to get to the NEXT LEVEL.


What is it about getting to the NEXT LEVEL that always get us into a frenzy? It becomes the “end all-be all” for us sometimes— an unhealthy obsession. If only, I could get to the next level— IF ONLY. There is nothing wrong with wanting better or reaching for higher. However, many times as Christians, we want to get to the next level when we haven’t even mastered the level that we are in. 


There is something God may be trying to teach us at “this level”.

There are lessons we need to learn at this level.

There are skills we need to master at this level.

There are people we need to meet and interact with at this level.



This concept of mastering your current level before going to the next level reminds me of David. Not the older David who is known for being King in later books of the Bible—but the young David.

Do you remember David BEFORE he was king? He was shepherd boy, the youngest son of Jesse, who was tasked with other battles before the infamous “David and Goliath” battle. He took down a lion. Then he took down a bear. David slayed those mini giants (mastered those levels) before he actually slayed Goliath… (1 Samuel 17: 34-37) (1 Samuel 17:50)

Let me repeat that…….

 David mastered the lower levels (won the “smaller” or “lesser known” battles) before he got to the NEXT LEVEL and had the opportunity to slay Goliath.


What battles in your life have you been presented with at THIS LEVEL? What can you do at THIS LEVEL to conquer them? Have you any intention on mastering THIS LEVEL that you are on? Or are you simply wishing and waiting on God to take you to the next level just because you think “its time” or you’ve been on this level too long?

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All this time, you’ve been waiting on God, but God has perhaps been waiting on you……. to learn what you’re supposed to learn, to do what you’re supposed to do at THIS LEVEL. 


  • You want more money? Have you been a good steward of your current income (no matter the size)?
  • You want to be married? Have you appreciated and been grateful for your single season?
  • You want a new car? Do you appreciate and take care of the car that you currently have? Do you keep it clean and well maintained?
  • You want a new job? Are you a good employee at the job you currently have?

God wants us to rise to the occasion. Rise to THIS occasion….. before we go wishing we had another occasion. 


I know it’s been a long time since I’ve played video games but I’m sure this concept has remained the same. Rarely are you allowed to go to the NEXT LEVEL until you’ve leveled up and mastered your CURRENT LEVEL.




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18 thoughts on “Leveling Up When God Says So”

  1. OREGON TRAIL was my game hands down!!!!!!!!! But this was GREAT! We def have to allow the work to be done on the level we are on before moving ahead! Love you!

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  2. Thanks for posting this. It’s very easy to start to plateau in our Christian walk, especially if we end up in a wilderness or stuck in a rut. It’s difficult to say whether we’re still stuck at the same level, but often it feels like it when we’re not moving forward and don’t see any discernible growth. I think though, just like seeds that take a while to germinate before they do push through to the next level, it can take a while where we’re developing deep roots in the soil.

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  3. Oregon Trail and Civilization II Test of Time were my games! That really helped me get what you’re saying about mastering the current level. We need to put in the effort here and be faithful before we can be trusted with more on the next level!

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  4. Great article on a lesson we can all use. We may not currently be in a season in our life that may look like what God has called us to do, but God may be using it to allow us to grow and learn; to prepare us for what he’s called us for. Not gonna lie, the “Leveling up” part of your title really did a good job drawing me here lol (as a fellow gamer millennial)

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